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Anonymous. Secure. Untraceable.

Meet Crypton — decentralized privacy coin with own private ecosystem Utopia P2P

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What are Crypton and
Utopia P2P?

Crypton is a cryptocurrency of Utopia P2P ecosystem.

It is a privacy coin that guarantees complete protection. It is fully secures from any regularly-related risks, unlike any other cryptocurrency launched by any world-famous or even just public company. No government authority of any country can influence Crypton’s market rate or its fate. As well as there is no way to take control of Crypton or the entire Utopia ecosystem and its team that stays and will always stay anonymous.

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Crypton is a privacy coin available for internal mining within Utopia P2P . So everyone can start mining Cryptons without any initial investment. For that, you need to run a particular Mining bot that will automatically earn Cryptons in uWallet. Mining has almost no effect on your CPU or HDD load and does not increase power consumption.

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PoS rewards

The Utopia Treasury mechanism automatically adjusts the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rate to alter supply of Cryptons in the ecosystem's economy to make Cryptons the most stable currency with lowest volatility. All holders of Cryptons are eligible to receive PoS rewards according to the current rate and distribution schedule.

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Is there a project that looks like Utopia P2P?

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The only project that would be even slightly similar to Utopia P2P and Crypton is the TON project by Pavel Durov. But due to bureaucratic delays, it wasn't implemented. That's why Crypton and Utopia P2P's creators have remained anonymous and released the project what others could not. In this respect, Crypton is also similar to Bitcoin.

Why should I be sure that the project will get more popularity and a significant increase in price?

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In the modern world, projects aimed at private and secure data transfer and their clarification attract special attention. And given the high degree of development and the uniqueness of the project, you do not need to be a visionary to understand that you will get a considerable profit in a few years.

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Own Crypto Exchange with NO KYC

For maximum anonymity when buying Crypton or making financial transactions, it was created Utopia’s own crypto exchange platform — Crypton Exchange. It is a kind of "digital offshore" of a new generation. The main advantage is the absence of KYC, commission free platform, anonymity, and security for each user.


Unlimited sphere of application

The provided API exists to automate online payments and create services based on the ecosystem and privacy coin. Also, using the API, you can accept payments denominated in Crypton on your anonymous and secure websites created within Utopia P2P.

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The worst is ahead

Soon, we will add a lot of interesting features that will attract even more attention to the Utopia project and the Crypton coin.

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Poker and other Crypton's games

As you know, the gaming industry is one of the largest in terms of cash turnover. Attracting a gaming audience will significantly increase the demand for Crypton.



Mobile application

At the moment, the project is only available for desktop devices. But as soon as it appears in the form of a mobile application, it will be a huge impetus for Crypton's growth rates.


Implementation of CRP in e-commerce

The project already allows you to invest Cryptons in online stores. At this stage, work will be carried out on transferring large online stores to the Utopia project and settlement in Cryptons.

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There's something else you should know


100% decentralization

Crypton is the only currency like bitcoin that has full independence. It does not have an owner, and the creators are as ghostly as the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto . Therefore, no one can prohibit or manipulate the network at will.


Absolute privacy

A cryptographic signature links the transfer of transactions to the blockchain. And the transaction itself is also encrypted. No one will ever know from whom, to whom, and how much money you transferred. Moreover, nobody can link your transaction to your IP.


Secure e-wallet

All your assets are stored in an ultra-secure cryptographic container. Even if a hacker has huge computing power, it will not allow them to hack your wallet. Crypto container is highly encrypted and protected by multi-level encryption methods.

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Self-regulated system

The Utopia adjusts the Proof-of-State (PoS) rate to alter the supply of Cryptons to make Cryptons the most stable currency's lowest volatility. All holders of Cryptons are eligible to receive PoS rewards according to the current rate and distribution schedule.

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Where can you buy a Crypton?