What if I encounter an error?

  • Check your network connection.
  • Make sure that there are no proxy tools enabled on your computer that may interfere with the browser. If such tools exist, make sure that your browser is not effected.
  • Double-check that your browser's proxy settings are configured correctly (according to the instructions found at How do I setup third-party browsers?).

If you are using the Idyll browser, try to reset your proxy settings. Please do the following:

1) Open "Options" in the main menu of Idyll.

  a) Click "Settings" in the Network Proxy section.
  b) The "Automatic proxy configuration URL" should contain a path to a local file.
  c) wpad.dat is a configuration file that automatically defines how web browsers work within the Utopia network.

  In Windows:file:///C:/Users/{Your user name}/AppData/Roaming/Utopia/Utopia%20Client/wpad.dat
  In Linux:~/.local/share/Utopia/Utopia%20Client/wpad.dat

2)Click Reload. Close the window by clicking OK.
3)Now, the browser should work correctly.