How to create an anonymous website or forum?

In the era of local website forums blocking within various countries, many people are wondering how to create an anonymous site or forum and avoid possible censorship and common rules.

For those interested in Internet privacy, the Utopia ecosystem has been developed. It provides all the possibilities for various Internet tasks: messaging, file sharing, surfing, playing, etc. The most remarkable thing is that the ecosystem is entirely anonymous, encrypted, and free to use.

Utopia is built on a p2p network. Therefore, it provides secure and anonymous access to a website or service streaming inside Utopia and mirroring clearnet sites. For this, you should configure packet forwarding in any of your uNS records. All transmitted and stored information in the network is encrypted with multi-level encryption.

In addition, there is a unique API for developers. Using this feature, you can connect your website, blog, forum, or app to the ecosystem and enjoy all the Utopia features. At the same time, all users who visited the site will remain anonymous.

There are several variants for creating the website inside Utopia:

  • Mirror a Clearnet Website to Utopia P2P Ecosystem
  • Host Website in Utopia P2P Ecosystem

First, you need to download and install the client and register the uNS name. For this, you do not need to enter an email address, phone number, personal name, etc. All registration is anonymous.

  - What is uNS?

The uNS is the decentralized equivalent of the classic DNS within the Utopia ecosystem. DNS is subject to pressure and censorship from less than perfect international laws. Domains can be revoked or suspended due to multiple reasons, such as non-response to a whois inquiry or other register policy, non-payment, government actions, and so on.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a pseudo-distributed directory that resolves human-readable hostnames, such as, into machine-readable IP addresses like

The uNS, in contrast, is a truly decentralized, non-censored registry hosted by Utopia network participants, with no expiration dates, renewal fees, suspensions, or revocations. There is only one rule: first come, first served.

Click to watch the full video about uNS.

How to Host Website in Utopia P2P?

Utopia is a unique ecosystem specifically designed to protect the privacy of your communication and the security of your personal data. When you make a website available within the Utopia ecosystem, you can access countless Utopia users while keeping your actual hosting location confidential.

In addition to websites, you may make available any of your web resources, including email SSH server audio-video streaming and so on, using the TCP packet forwarding functionality of uNS records.

All the available information on how to host the Utopia website, you can find below:

How to Mirror a Clearnet Website to Utopia P2P Ecosystem?

It should be noted that the domain name of the website you wish to mirror from the web and your uNS record does not need to be the same as long as your hosting server has a dedicated IP address with appropriate open ports.

You can find all the available information on how to mirror a clearnet website in Utopia below:

How do I use the built-in Idyll browser or 3d party browser?

Idyll browser is built into the Utopia software and is based on the latest Tor Browser. The browser is specifically optimized to be used within the P2P Utopia network, ensuring privacy and protection against data leaks of your operating system.

To start Idyll browser select Tools > Idyll Browser


*For security purposes, we do not recommend using any browser configured for the Utopia P2P network to browse the internet. To ensure privacy, please use a dedicated browser for the Utopia P2P network only, such as the built-in Idyll browser that is based on the latest Tor Browser and already configured for the privacy and protection of your personal data.

The Idyll browser, as well as the Tor Browser, is based on Mozilla's Extended Support Release (ESR) Firefox branch. A series of patches for this browser were implemented to enhance privacy and security.

*For your convenience, we have built-in the Idyll Browser ready to be used within the P2P Utopia network.

If you choose to use another browser, or your Utopia client does not have a built-in Idyll browser, you can configure any of the currently existing browsers.

Settings may vary depending on the browser you choose:


1) To access proxy settings please follow the following path: Preferences > Advanced > Network
2) In the "Connections" section, please click on "Settings".


1) Select "Manual proxy configuration".
2) Enter in the "SOCKS Host" field.
3) In the "Port" field please enter the value that you have entered in Utopia client. If you have not changed the value of the Utopia client, it is 1984.
4) Select the SOCKS v5 option.
5) The option "Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5" must be selected.

You may use the "No Proxy for" field to list the websites that should NOT be accessed via the Utopia P2P Network.

3) Click OK. Now, you have configured Firefox to work within the Utopia network.

4) Proceed to Verify that the browser works properly.

*Make sure that your Utopia client is running and connected to the network.

5) Enter http://utopia in the address field of your browser.

*If your browser is configured correctly, the website http://utopia will load.

*If http://utopia does not load, please refer to What if I encounter an error?