How to start mining?

1. Download Utopia P2P ecosystem and get your private key. You will need it to point out the mining bot where to store your Cryptons. Your account gets a private wallet that will hold all of your minted coins. Installation instruction is available here.

2. Download Utopia Mining Bot

  • Setup the Utopia Mining Bot on a virtual private server VPS with Linux OS;
  • Connect to the VPS through SSH (use PuTTY app for this);
  • After installation, you need to run the app;
  • Enter your VPS IP address in the host name field;
  • Leave the default setting port 22 and connection type of SSH and click open;
  • Get a security alert about a security key;
  • Click “Yes” to add the new server’s key;
  • Connect login as root and copy the password you’ve received from the VPS provider into the clipboard;
  • Paste it into the password field of the PuTTY SSH session (you can do this by right-clicking a single time or by entering your password manually);
  • When you’ve logged in successfully, you should follow the commands as demonstrated in the video above;
  • Then, open your Utopia account;
  • Copy the public key of your master;
  • Congratulations. Your mining bot is successfully started.

*Note: It may take several hours for your mining bot to establish enough peer connections to become active on the network, and begin earning Crypton rewards in the uWallet of your master client.

Follow the next commands to run Utopia Alternative Miner in Linux:

1. sudo apt update

2. wget uam/linux/uam-latest_amd64.deb

3. sudo dpkg -i uam-latest_amd64.deb

4. cd /opt/uam

5. ./uam --pk YOUR PUBLIC KEY HERE

6. Utopia Mining Bot will start. Done!