How to start to play online chess in Utopia

1. Download Utopia P2P ecosystem or update your existing client account.

2. Find out on the panel the “Tools” option.

3. Click on the “Games” button.

4. Choose the “Chess” game.

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5. Select your game opponent from your contact list.

If your contact book doesn’t include the contact of the desired person, you can add him by hand. For that you should follow these steps and open a special channel with all chess lovers:

  • Find out Open Channel Manager option.
  • Enter Channel ID (07472EAE6968FDBE0B6683C5729327AB) in the search line.
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  • Click on the Utopia Chess channel to find a game opponent.
  • Click on the desired user.
  • Click on “Ask user’s Public Key”
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*Note: You should notice your competitor about the desire to play chess with him in advance. The simple way for that is to send a message in the chat.

If the user want to play with you, he will confirm the request and send you this information. Then you need to copy and add his Public Key to your contact list:

  • Find out on the panel the “Contacts” option.
  • Click on the “Add contacts” button.
  • Insert in the search line a Public Key or uCode of the desired person.
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6. If the user want to play with you, he will confirm the request.

Now, your chessboard are opened and you can play online chess with your friend. If you don’t know how to start, let’s follow the next steps:

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1. You need to move the chess piece to the selected location.

2. The ecosystem provides hints on where to make the best move.

3. The name of the player who should move is written in bold.

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4. All won pieces are located in captured pieces field.

5. If you want to message your opponent, you can write a message in built-in instant chat.

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