How to store Cryptons in your wallet?

You can keep your purchased tokens on the exchange.

However, if you are an investor and will not trade your crypto assets, the best option is to store the CPR on your wallet and not on the exchange.

Step 1: How to create a wallet for Cryptons?

If you are not a Utopia P2P user yet, then you need to:

Now, you are a client of the Utopia P2P Ecosystem. You have access to your personal wallet and all the functions of the ecosystem.

*Note: Avoid an awkward situation and don’t rely on memory. Save the created username and password on multiple media devices.

  • Find out the address for storing coins. Click on File>My profile.
Instructions image
  • Look at your encrypted address (Public key). It is your address for sending coins.
Instructions image
  • All your coins will be stored in your Utopia P2P wallet. Click uWallet > Open uWallet. Or click on the diamond icon.
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Step 2: How to Withdraw Crypton from ZG Exchange?

  • Open ZG Exchange and browse to your Exchange Wallet ( Balance > Wallet );
  • If you have deposited any Crypton you will see CRP among the top of the list, you can always check “hide small balances” to hide all those 0 balance wallets to make your wallet look tidy;
  • Click on “Withdraw” in front of CRP Coin;
Instructions image
  • In Withdrawal Address field add your Public Key, as that is your Wallet address;
  • Turn on the “No Tag” toggle as Tag is not required while withdrawing Crypton;
Instructions image
  • Click on Withdraw after verifying everything. In few moments you will get your CRP in your Client uWallet.

After confirmation in the blockchain, approximately 30-40 minutes, your coins will be in the P2P wallet.

Step 3: How to Withdraw Crypton from Latoken?

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  • If you make a withdrawal for the first time, the system will ask you to enter and confirm your phone number to protect you from your funds' theft

*Note: Don’t use the email address option if you want to withdraw your funds.

  • See the minimum amount of funds you need to withdraw, as well as the withdrawal fee;
  • Copy the “CRP Deposit Address" from the corresponding platform (Utopia P2P wallet) or wallet you want to withdraw your funds to and paste it to the “Address” section;
  • Input the amount of that asset that you want to withdraw. The system will add the transaction fee, and calculate the amount you will get on the corresponding platform or wallet;
  • Leave the "Memo" field empty.
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*Note: Please, be kindly advised.

Withdrawal from LATOKEN is a deposit action to the corresponding platform (your Utopia p2p ecosystem’s wallet).