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1984 Group presents

Utopia P2P
censorship-free and secure
decentralized messaging

Communicate with other people without worrying about
being tracked, intercepted, or hacked.

We provide a variety of tools for
secure daily use in the Utopia client

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Designed for anonymity

Utopia ensures your privacy. Your IP address and identity cannot be revealed

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uNS – Utopia Name System

Truly decentralized and non-censored registry, equivalent to classic DNS

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3 Stages of encryption

The data is encrypted using two pairs of keys and temporary session keys

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Easy to use

Instant installation after which the ecosystem is ready to use

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Free of charge

Utopia P2P is a free ecosystem that doesn’t take payments from the users

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API for developers

Create applications, web services, blog explorers, and accept payments


Do you need to communicate or transmit information privately?

Use uMessenger and uMail tools!

Every day, millions of people around the world become victims of cyberattacks committed by email. For reliable protection, it is important to use secure and private online tools.

uMessenger is Utopia’s instant messenger for encrypted text, voice messaging, and file transfer.

uMail is a spam-free alternative to classic e-mail for secure online communication to Utopia users.


Create your own channel or join
the community in Utopia P2P


Do you want to relay your thoughts
to the community without
censorship and surveillance?

uChannels helps you to create and manage public and private channels with guaranteed encryption and privacy protection of data and messages for all users.

You can also join channels and chat with like-minded people and find new friends. There are many communities connected to hobbies, interests, and news topics.


Need a private Internet resource?

Create or retransmit anonymously!

Make your website or streaming service securely and anonymously available inside Utopia by configuring Packet Forwarding for any of your uNS records.

Tunnel data between the user who owns a uNS name and any other network user. This allows websites to be hosted inside Utopia.


Secure chatting

If you need to communicate with someone anonymously, so that the correspondence does not leak anywhere, use protected uMessenger. Send text and voice messages. Add stickers and emojis to your messages.

Private chats and channels

Create encrypted secret chats and channels for your subscribers. Use them anonymously and without censorship. It works as a closed circle where each user has private access to it.

Free mining

Enable the built-in Mining bot to earn cryptocurrency. It works automatically and charges cryptocurrency for internet sessions via Utopia.

Decentralized P2P Network

Such type of network provides a higher security level. It doesn’t presuppose the absence of a single point of failure. To hack the data, third parties need to take control of all peers. It is simple impossible.

Completely anonymous

To start using it, you don’t need to enter your personal data. Just write your nickname and Utopia generates a private key that will open the free access to the usage.

Safe file sharing

Send and receive confidential files and documents. The ecosystem highly encrypts each transmitted message. No one can access it.

Secure storage server

It doesn’t use a single server. Utopia creates a personal server for each user. Now, each user is a client and a server at the same time.

Without censorship

The ecosystem is built under the principles of freedom of speech. You are free in your words and actions. No one can dictate to you what to do.

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Why do you need this?

Simple way to protect your internet activity. Now, you can use a range of privacy tools to ensure your data security. 5 built-in functional tools to fill your needs using an anonymous and encrypted way.

Why we do this?

Why we do this?

Online privacy is becoming an increasingly serious issue for people of all ages. Companies track your behavior on different websites to show you relevant ads.

Governments monitor your every move to predict your behavior and to better watch over you. And cybercriminals are not indifferent to stealing your data for their nefarious purposes.

Instant connectivity has changed our way of life and work for the better, but this convenience comes with a very high price – your privacy.

That's why it's more important than ever for you to take responsibility for protecting your online movements and personal information.

  • Internal Coin and Economy
  • Built-in Crypto exchange
  • Mining capacity

Do you need private financial transactions?

Use the internal privacy coin – Crypton

Internal Coin and Economy

The foundation of Utopia’s economy is an internal cryptocurrency – Crypton. Users can buy, sell, exchange, or mine coins via special built-in tools.

Built-in Crypto exchange

Our team has created crypto exchange within the ecosystem. It is possible now to make the process of buying and selling coins more convenient.

Mining capacity

You can not only buy or earn Cryptons but also mine them. The Mining Bot will allow you to automatically collect coins for sessions via Utopia P2P ecosystem.

API for Developers

Create applications, web services, blog explorers, and accept payments or make payouts on your website with the Utopia API.

API integration is quick, easy, and secure. Connect your website to Utopia and enjoy a full selection of exceptional Utopia services.